Follow us on instagram for care instructions and updates! @shopindiecreative. All of my pet tags and necklaces are hand stamped or hand carved. Each tag comes with a 20mm split ring. Once tag has been received, I am no long liable or responsible if your tag is lost or damaged. Each Piece is its own original and unique in its own way so please expect slight variations.


What is your turn around time?

Its a 4 week turn around time for all pet tags. Im a solo shop owner and hand stamp every tag individually. Since every tag is individually stamped, they take time to create to make sure im able to create your order with complete excellence. These tags are not engraved in any way so each letter, design and number is all an individual stamp. I use tape to make sure everything is lined up.


Where do you stamp the phone numbers?

All numbers are stamped on the back of tags. I leave them unfilled to prevent the fill from getting brushed off by there Furr. Front of tags are filled with black.


What size Pet Tag should I get ?

✖️1/2" tags - Best for cats and small dogs

✖️1" - Most common- best for medium size dogs

✖️1 1/4" - Best for Large dogs


What metal should I go with?

Metals that are available are Brass and Nickel. Brass is solid brass and nickel is solid nickel. If your looking for something with the least amount of upkeep, Nickel would be perfect since it does not tarnish over time. Brass can tarnish over time but you can view care instructions below.

✖️BRASS: Gold color finish, hard durable metal, perfect for large dogs.

✖️NICKEL: Silver toned, hard durable metal, perfect for large dogs.


Care & Cleaning Tips

All tags all tarnish over time due to them being metal. Over time your tag will require maintenance to maintain a clean look. Check out these steps to help your tags look brand spanken new.

✖️Tags come with a polish steel wool pad (0000 super fine steel wool) Use the pad to polish off any tarnish or discoloration. 

✖️Black filling has faded? No problem. To refill the black in the tag, use a sharpie marker. Use steel wool to polish off the access black. (refer to our instagram highlights for a video tutorial instagram.com/shopindiecreative.


There is an error with my order. What do I do?

Please contact me immediately with your order number and a description with the error so I can fix your order. If the error was made on your end due to info typed incorrectly, a replacement can not be sent.


My package may be lost? What do I do?
Please use this link to report a missing package. https://www.usps.com/help/missing-mail.htm
✖️✖️Indie Creative isn't responsible for replacing or refunding orders of delayed, lost, or stolen packages.✖️✖️

***Not recommended for dogs that chew off tags***